Feis Ile 2011, eventi Ardbeg

Feis Ile 2011, eventi Ardbeg

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Il mosaico si sta completando.
Anche Ardbeg ha annunciato il programma del loro Open Day, quest’anno a tema Spagnolo.

Dopo il parcogiochi vintage del Feis Ile 2010, da Ardbeg quest’anno ci si aspettava qualcosa inerente gli alligatori … invece grande sorpresa il loro Open Day – l’ultimo giorno del festival – vedrà come protagonisti le tapas, la paella, jamon, chorizo, la crema catalana ed il flamenco!


Ay Caramba! Grab your sombreros and head on down to Costa del Ardbeg where a sizzling Spanish Fiesta awaits you on Saturday 28th May.

Yes its Ardbeg Day, part of the world famous Islay Whisky Festival. We can’t guarantee that the sun will shine, but you can be sure that the whisky will dazzle. Hasta la vista!

Tapas on Tour (with piñatas)
1000, 1030, 1130, 1230, 1330, 1430, 1530 and 1600 – £5.00
Fill up with the spirit of Ardbeg – take a tour of the distillery and find out what makes the Ultimate Islay Malt. Eat, drink and run with the bulls.


Meeting PX Tasting (AM and PM)
Hola – it’s fiesta time. Then a siesta on Coopers Hill?
1000, 1200 and 1400 – 25 places – £15.00

Smokin’… C6H5OH
In the West Maltings join us for a wee lesson in smoke and phenols. The equation that makes Ardbeg so special.
1030, 1230 and 1430 – 25 places – £15.00

Gambas and Gabbing at Glasuig
Catch the Seafari Rib at Ardbeg pier and take a journey into the unknown. Hear about the smugglers on the coastline at Ardbeg, learn about the shipwrecks, the seascape and landscape, have an old dram and nibble a locally caught prawn or two where the U Boats landed.
0930, 1130, 1330 and 1530 – 12 places – £35.00

Old Kiln Café Spanish/Scottish Feast
Paella or Porridge, Patatas Bravas or Tattie Scones, Jamon or Haggis, Chorizo or Black Pudding, Gazpacho or Scotch Broth, Caballa or Mackerel, Crema Catalana or Bread and Butter Pudding?
A fusion of foods for your delectation.

Learn the traditional art of Flamenco – the gypsy dance.
Braceo: movement of the arms during the dance
Afillá: a type of hoarse, earthy flamenco voice
Falda: skirt
Jaleo: utterances of approval, encouragement
Manton: embroidered silk shawl with long fringes
Pitos: finger snapping used to accompany flamenco song and dance
All day in the filling Store

Also on the Day, all day.

Bucking Bronco – Tronzado Bronco
What fun to watch. Ardbeg Bulls were not willing.

Running the Ardbeg Bull – Corriendo el toro Ardbeg
It’s against the clock. What a load of Bull.

The Spanish Inquisition (Ardbeg style)
One mashman, one stillman, one warehouseman, one tour guide and el jefe (the boss)
All together under one bright light. Interrogate them.


ALSO: Visit the Spiritual Homes of Ardbeg

Monday 23rd May – UIGEADAIL
Take a long walk. Breathe the air, bounce on the heather, feast upon the wildlife. Stop.
Follow the terrain and the landscape as rain falls, flows and finds Ardbeg.
Taste and discover what makes Uigeadail.
1000 and 1300 – 15 places – £10.00

Tuesday 24th May – AIRIGH NAM BEIST
WALK. Uncover the legend of the Beast. Smooth, creamy and untamed.
Taste the Beastie once again.
1000 and 1300 – 15 places – £10.00

Wednesday 25th and Friday 27th May – CORRYVRECKAN
Visit the Cauldron of the Speckled Seas on a Seafari Rib. When the tide is right nature makes you feel impossibly small. Trip takes about 3 hours.
Wild, wonderful and with a wee dram or two. Food too.
Wednesday 1100 – 12 places – £65.00
Friday 1100 – 12 places – £65.00

Thursday 26th May – KILDALTON
An 8th century cross. An iconic whisky. Taste the real thing at it’s spiritual home where St Columba came.
1000 and 1400 – 16 places – £10.00

Friday 27th May – Degustaciones Sorpresa
A tasting with someone somewhere with something.
1000 and 1400 – 25 places – £15.00

Thursday 26th May – Committee BBQ
Bring your rules and regulations, bring your nose and bring a lump of peat for the BBQ. Ever tasted freshly caught mackerel from Ardbeg Bay tossed on the BBQ with a sprinkling of peat?
Informal, good fun evening to talk about Committee matters with the ladies and gentlemen of Ardbeg.
7pm to 10pm – 50 places – £20.00

Please call Janey at the distillery on 01496 302244 or e-mail jtorrance@glenmorangie.co.uk.




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